Save Time

With SuiteTea you will create proposals up to 70% faster leaving more time for developing new business and closing deals. Active sales professionals spent 30% of their time researching and compiling relevant proposal information. SuiteTea empowers users to preform faster with organized sales content, images and pricing. In fact, 35% to 50% closed deals go to the first-responders when the proposals are professionally prepared.

Work Smart

SuiteTea streamlines the proposal process allowing you to work smarter and winmore deals. SuiteTea’s cloud-based work environment provides unlimited access to the tools you need to efficiently create polished, professional proposals with less effort than ever before. With SuiteTea everything you need to create, submit and manage proposal is at your fingertips regardless of where you are or the technology you are using.

Sell Smart

SuiteTea’s in-proposal analytics and notifications provide powerful insight to your client’s interaction with the proposal. Knowing when the proposal is first opened, how often it is revisited and what sections are focused on most allows you to sell smarter. SuiteTea’s in-proposal communications such as comments and questions are part of the proposal history and authoritative version control ensures the client is working from the most current proposal.

Win More

Clients are impressed with state-or-the-art, well-structured proposals. Research shows today’s decision makers are busier than ever and what they want in a proposal is clear, relevant information that is easily accessible and shared. In fact, 35% to 50% of proposals are awarded to venders whose proposals are professional prepared and delivered quickly. SuiteTea changes confusion to clarity and gives you an unfair advantage to wining more sales.